Buragh Balochneeds Justice



Buragh an eight year old Baloch, whoes father has been abducted, tortured and than killed by security forcess of pakistan. He is now on the road with his grand father mama Qadeer Baloch who is walking for justice on the roads of pakistan. He along with Farzana Majeed Baloch and other Baloch women and children have walked more than 2000 killo mettrs from Quetta to karachi and than karachi to Islam abad. These participants of this historical long march are the victim family members of the abducted Baloch political activists. They claim that more than 18000 people have been abducted and 2000 mutulated dump bodeis of these abducted people have been found in different areas of Balochistan. Buragh Baloch was too litle when his father Jalil reki Baloch was abducted by Pakistani security forcess, from that day mama Qadeer Baloch is on protest while his son has been killed but still he is struggling for the safe recovery of the other baloch people.

Buragh Baloch is too old for this struggle but he is doing it in a better way. Although he has heart problem, but he does not care of it. he wants justice from the international community. in this long march a ten year old Baloch, Haider ali son of Ramzan Baloch is also walking for justice. his father has been abducted and stiil missing. This is his age to be in school while he is not. These marchers are being harrased by the intelligence agenceis of Pakistan, They are warning them to stop their march other wise they will be wiped out. when they were on the way near uthal Balochistan they were followed by a car and it wanted to hit them but here they scaped. Another  traller hit them in punjab area while they were walking peacefully for justice. In this attack two paricipants were injured. These people have been totally ignored by the Pakistani media and still international media has not given them much coverage. These peacefull people are raising slogans to get attention of international community, their slogan are ” we want justice”, “where are you UNO”,”save Baloch save humanity”  etc. The most populated province of Pakistan punjab has totally ignored them and even they do not ask them why they are on the road. A participant Farzana Baloch says ” these people of punjab are most educated, most developed but less human. they are not human or they do not understand us as human being. we are on their roads for justice from them and they have no feeling for us”

Farzana Baloch is a participant whose father had been killed and his brother Zakir Mjeed a political activist is missing. Farzana Majeed Baloch has completed her master’s degree in bio chemistry from Universty of Baloochistan. Her brother zakir majeed was a student of M.A in english litrature in Lasbella Universty.  

These marchers need justice from international community specially media which has totally ignored them. Really they want justice.Image